News And Such

New Website! And A Full Band Gig!! 

Well hello there! 

Welcome to my new website. Like any new living establishment, I'm still tinkering with a few things and there's a couple boxes of stuff from the old place that still need to find a home, but I'm happy with it so far! New homes are fun! 

I hope you've all had a pleasant Winter. It's certainly been a different one. But I legitimately feel like there's sunshine on the horizon, things are just getting a little happier, people are getting vaccinated, the world is slowly starting to wake up. It's quite wonderful, honestly, feeling like there's actually an end in sight. 

To that end (in sight!), I've started booking a few shows for the Summer! Just a few, here and there, we're not out of this yet after all. All of them are outdoors, most of them are fun background things that I truly love, and a few will be full-band gigs! Including May 7 at Palmer's!! With Mother Banjo, and Doug Collins and the Receptionists!! 

This is the show I'm the most excited about right now, because it'll be the first time in nearly 15 months that my full band will be playing a show. I've missed these guys (Cole, Schuster and Jim) tremendously, and can't wait to get back on stage and be incredibly dopey and awesome with them again. And to hear Doug and Mother Banjo play too - I mean that's just icing on the cake! 

(Yes I know, I play in the Mother Banjo band, and I'm married to Mother Banjo but you know what? It's still cool. What more do you want from me people???) 

The show is limited capacity, so get your tickets soon! You can do so here: 

Okay then. Happy Spring everyone! TTFN, ta ta for now, hoo hoo hoo hoo.